International Documentary Challenge

International Documentary Challenge

$24.99 — $295.00

$14.99 — $295.00

Write, shoot and edit a short non-fiction film in just 5 days. You must use an all-volunteer crew, none of whom will be getting much sleep in order to submit the film before the judges’ deadline.

Started in 2006, The International Documentary Challenge is a timed competition in which filmmakers are given just five days to create and complete a short non-fiction film. The participants all work during the same time period and are required to ship their finished films by a strict deadline. The filmmakers must choose between two documentary genres and are assigned a specific theme each year that helps dictate the content and direction of their film.

This DVD collection features a variety of short non-fiction works from around the globe – from China to New York City; from Seattle to Amsterdam; from Montana to Japan – representing the very best from filmmakers who participated in the first three years of theInternational Documentary Challenge. If you’re interested in participating in the next International Documentary Challenge, you can find details at

Sponsored by: Hotdocs, POV, Big Sky Film Festival, KDHX, Documentary Educational Resource, Film Action Oregon, IDA, DOC, Dokufest, 48 hour film project

Filmmaker(s) Film Title Year Country
Kissel-Volmer Unfettering the Falcons 2007 USA
Team Nexus In Your Faith 2007 Japan
I=ME2 Year of the Rooster 2008 USA
Sawbuck Productions Begging For Grace 2007 USA
The Galileus Group My Small Piece of Land 2006 Palestine/Israel
Fly on the Wall Jetty 2008 USA
Profluence Productions Bend & Bow 2008 USA
Abrahami-Netz Production Red Light Blues 2008 Netherlands
Team Juicebox Ars Magna 2008 USA
Beijing Dreams Lao Shan Lao Yin 2006 China
72hundred Outside the Box 2007 USA
Reel Grrls Click Whoosh 2008 USA
Gotanda Relatively Free 2006 Germany
Lucky Shot Pennywise: The Changing Face of Change 2008 USA
Boss and Coder 34 Beholder 2008 USA
Team Tessa Portraits of Hope 2007 USA
High Plains Films Star Spangled Blues 2006 USA

DVD Also Includes:

  • Every Second Counts: A Discussion With Doc Challenge Filmmakers(24 mins) – Followup interviews and thoughts from participants on being part of the doc challenge.
  • International Doc Challenge Trailer (4 mins) – A brief look at the IDC
  • Typecast Films trailers
  • DVD Rom: Doc Challenge Classroom Guide (PDF)


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This film collection is available with a Digital Site License (DSL), which allows colleges, universities, or libraries to encode, locally host, and stream the films to their community on a closed, password-protected system.

2006 – 2008
151 minutes
English, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Dutch, Chinese & German with English subtitles