Dunia: Kiss Me Not On the Eyes

Dunia: Kiss Me Not On the Eyes


$24.99 — $550.00

$19.99 — $550.00

Nominated: Grand Jury Prize [World Cinema, Dramatic]
– Sundance Film Festival, 2006

Dunia offers a colorful package obsessed with sensual surfaces.” — Variety


A young student of the arts, Dunia aspires to be a professional dancer and poet. Her artistic expression is inhibited, however, by her inability to experience and express desire. Dunia’s reasoning that women should not move their bodies to evoke an act of love is challenged by the ardent public intellectual Dr. Beshir–played by Egyptian superstar singer Mohammed Mounir.With his help, Dunia begins an all-consuming search for ecstasy in poetry, dance and music–taking us into the world of women in a society that both fetishizes and oppresses female sexuality. Ultimately, Dunia learns that she must confront the traditions that have destroyed her capacity for pleasure before she will be able to experience it.


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Feature Film
Jocelyne Saab
Run Time:
108 Minutes
Arabic with English subtitles