Iraqi Odyssey exclusive clip on Twitch


Exclusive Clip: IRAQI ODYSSEY, A Scattered Family And Their Shared Dream

“Weaving together the ironic, wistful, and witty testimonies of Samir’s relatives with rare documents from private and state archives, Iraqi Odyssey is a riveting epic that creates a genuine people’s history of Iraq.”

Iraqi Odyssey will open in New York at the IFC Center and Los Angeles at the Laemmle Music Hall on Friday, November 27, before expanding to cities nationwide in the New Year. Distributor Typecast Films will release the English language version of the film in theaters, while the version that has qualified as the Swiss Oscar® entry for the 88th Academy Awards is in German.

We have an exclusive clip below, in which a young member of the family, now living far away in a cold and wintry location, shares her dream for Iraq.

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