Remnants of a War

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An accomplished new documentary feature from Jawad Metni, Remnants of a War is a portrait of the people of South Lebanon who endeavor to rebuild and reclaim their land for their fellow countrymen following the devastating 2006 war between Hezbollah and Israel.

During the 33 days of fighting, Israel dropped more than one million cluster bomb munitions onto the fields, orchards and towns of South Lebanon—with the majority of the bombs being deployed in the final 3 days of the war. An estimated 35% of these cluster bombs failed to detonate upon impact, leaving the mine-like devices scattered over the countryside until unwitting civilians stumble upon them and are maimed or killed by the resulting explosion. In 2007, teams of locally recruited and trained de-miners race to locate and deactivate the bombs before even more civilians are injured or killed.

Remnants of a War takes an intimate look into the lives of these brave workers—Muslims and Christians; Sunnis and Shia; women and men—who work shoulder to shoulder in the sweltering heat to make their lands available for ranching, farming and for children to safely play upon once again.


“Metni offers an humanitarian advocacy, economically and judiciously, about a silent war which is still killing and maiming civilians in South Lebanon…a masterpiece of documentary filmmaking.” – L’Orient Le Jour

“Reveals the uncertain future of a Lebanon where the generation that should be running the country is struggling to survive.”  -

“The film speaks volumes about the fate of civilians caught in the crossfire.” -




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WINNER! – Best Documentary, 2010 British Independent Film Festival
WINNER! – Golden Palm, 2010 Mexico International Film Festival