JULY SPECIALS Films of Yemen

Yemen has been making headlines lately, as the Yemeni people fight for a representative government. Through the month of July, we’re offering a discount on two of the only films ever made in Yemen—works that not only represent the Yemeni people, traditions, and culture, but that also show the breathtaking beauty of the country.

“An unadulterated view of the true Yemen (with a) clarity and
precision often lacking in or misinterpreted by foreign media.”

— MSA News 

When a British-born Yemeni man living in London travels back to his family’s homeland for the first time, he takes as his guide an eccentric Englishman who has been living in Yemen for the past 16 years. Together they explore Yemen—its people, its culture, and traditions.

More info: http://www.arabfilm.com/item/61/
July Sale—$18.99


“Weaves a fairytale of unrequited love, bundled together with an anecdote
or two suffused with local color… indulges in a bit of magical realism.”

— Toronto Daily Star

This charming film tells the passionate tale of the handsome young Tariq, who is about to marry the daughter of a prominent and powerful judge. Late one night Tariq wanders into the heart of the ancient city of Sana’a, where he sees a beautiful young woman dancing in the street. He falls in love with her at first sight and then must choose whether to follow his heart or to protect his family’s honor.

More info: http://www.arabfilm.com/item/415/
July Sale—$18.99