When her husband Adnan takes a second job as a cab driver, Imane discovers a new love for the music of legendary Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum. As her infatuation grows, so does her affection for those around her, including her three children and her husband of ten years, who becomes increasingly alarmed that something has changed in his wife. After consulting with his male relatives, Adnan concludes that she must be in love with another man. The men must then meet to decide Iman’s fate. Based on a true incident, director Mohmed Malas’ riveting new feature examines in meticulous detail the circumstances surrounding “crimes of honor” and the devastation they inflict on everyone involved.


The importance of films like Passion is not how they illuminate the differences between “us” and “them”. Their real value lies in the spaces where we can see the similarities, see the injustices that cross political and cultural boundaries..” – Kim Voynar, Cinematical

At Festivals

WINNER – Special Jury Award – 2005 Marrakech International Film Festival

NOMINATED – Gold Star Award – 2005 Marrakech International Film Festival

NOMINATED – Grand Prix des Amériques -2005 Montreal World Film Festival