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With “an elegiac poignancy” (New York Times), director James Allen Smith’s Floored ” captures the waning heyday of the Chicago Trading Pits” (ABC News) and tells the bizarre and gripping stories of the traders—”overgrown kids with money, brains and a pathological need to release stress” (Barron’s) whose chaotic, audacious and thrill-seeking way of life has all but vanished with the recent shift toward automated computerized stock trading.

“A lively documentary about a profession that has almost been wiped out” (Bloomberg.com), Floored takes audiences into the lives of the Chicago trading floor’s everyman—from those who have gracefully adapted to the new age of electronic trading to those who have defiantly refused to change—and offers a fascinating examination of the never-ending pursuit of the American Dream. Prairie Miller of News Blaze calls Floored “a must-see about greed, material obsession, perpetually unfulfilled lust for loot, shoving matches, and suicide.”


Floored focuses on the working-class wolves who stalk Chicago… Director James Allen Smith delves deep…”  – Eric Hynes, Time Out

“(Floored) captures waning heyday of Chicago Trading Pits…”  – Michael Hirtzer, ABC News

“There’s an elegiac poignancy in James Allen Smith’s Floored”  – Andy Webster, The New York Times

“A must-see about greed, material obsession, perpetually unfulfilled lust for loot, shoving matches, and suicide.”  – Prairie Miller, News Blaze

“…a lively documentary about a profession that has almost been wiped out.”  – Rick Warner, Bloomberg.com

Floored profiles a handful of eccentric (read: obnoxious) traders attempting the difficult transition to electronic exchange. Stock-doc acknowledges the high-pressure stakes that led many traders to addiction and suicide…”  – Andrew Schenker, Village Voice

“I enjoyed the hell out of the film”  – Ain’t It Cool News

“This is a memorable portrait of men whose experience buying and selling futures hardly prepared them for what their own future held in store.”  – J.R. Jones, Chicago Reader

” (Smith) captured the traders when their lives were at a turning point.”  – Crain’s New York Business


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