Seattle Women in Film

Seattle’s do-it-yourself ethic and uncompromising artistic sensibilities are at the center of Seattle Women in Film , an eclectic collection of the best short films by Seattle’s top women filmmakers.

Presenting a total of twenty-one works, each by a different filmmaker, Seattle Women in Film features witty, accomplished and imaginative shorts that provide a rare peek into the heart of the Seattle independent film scene.

Curated by Seattle’s own 911 Media Arts Center, the Seattle Women in Film collection is sure to impress and inspire, while giving audiences around the globe a glimpse of the Emerald City’s independent filmmaking spirit.

The Films
Filmmaker(s) Film Title
Virginia Bogert Tootie Pie
Cheryl Slean Diggers
Megan Griffiths & Celia Beasley Proscenium
Heather Ayres Lipstick Men
Sue Corcoran Circus of Infinity
Lynn Shelton Moral Centralia
Dayna Hanson Diesel Engine
Salise Hughes Tidal Wave
Sarah Jane Lapp Chronicles of an Asthmatic Stripper
Ann Coppel I Am Ann
Laura Jean Cronin Free Parking
Christy Elton Portrait of a Portrait
Karn Junkinsmith Bus Stop
Wilson Diehl How To Go On A Man Date
Meredith Binder Rent’s Due
Britta Johnson But Soft
SJ Chiro Little Red Riding Hood
Maureen Whiting Bear Go Home
Steph Kese The Pact
Laurie Hicks Love Inc.
Jennifer Maas Laptop Story



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