Closed Doors, The

Directed by Youssef Chahine’s longtime assistant, The Closed Doors touches on several taboos in contemporary Egyptian society, examining their social and political implications. Set during the Gulf War, it tells the story of Mohamad, a highly impressionable young man who embraces fundamentalist ideas as a way of dealing with the confusion of adolescence and sexual awakening. This powerful first feature by one of Egypt’s most promising young directors tackles complex themes like oppression, jealousy, virtue, the love ideal and violence in an uncompromising way.


“Reveals a finely balanced portrait of various social classes caught in a swirl of religious, cultural and personal fixations, done with remarkable sympathy, sensitivity and control.” – Deborah Young, Variety


“Artfully examining a young man’s slow descent into Muslim fundamentalism as a way to combat his own awakening sexual urges, Hetata’s film meticulously unfolds as viewers watch in subdued dismay.” – Zach Freeman, Hub Pages


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This film is no longer in theaters.

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This film is no longer at film festivals.



Best Actress
International Thessaloniki FF


First Prize
Bahrain Film Fest


Grand Prix
Montpellier Film Fest